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SERVICES: Portfolio Analysis

Your money should work hard for you

Portfolio Analysis

Do you know exactly how your money is currently invested? Do you understand how all your accounts fit together in the big picture? Do you understand how your money will grow over time to meet your needs? These are critical questions to ensure that you're on track to meet your future desires.

Many clients wish to engage us to review their investment portfolio. We are excited for the opportunity to help our clients reach their savings goals whether for retirement, education, gifting, savings or other life plans. We offer two types of review and analysis, as well as on-going services to help keep you on track over the long-term.

What is an Investment Portfolio Snapshot?

You might want a second opinion on your current stocks and bonds portfolio. Or maybe you have a couple of questions about a particular mutual fund or ETF. This services looks at your current portfolio and the asset allocation.  We provide general feedback on those investments and allocation amongst stocks, bonds, asset types, etc. We also provide general guidance and education on our investment philosophy and how your portfolio relates to our recommended allocation.

It’s important to note that this services does not provide any specific recommendations on which funds to trade, maintain, etc. It’s only by taking the time in the Investment Portfolio Personalization service that we can offer specific recommendations unique to your situation. 

What’s Included?

Investment Portfolio Snapshot


Investment Portfolio Personalization

$1,250+ *


Review of high-level stocks vs. bonds, USA vs. International, etc.

Detailed review of all allocation considerations. Personalized recommendations for any portfolio changes.


General overview of asset class returns.

Portfolio return analysis and personalized recommendations for potential risk versus return discussions.


General Advice

Specific Mutual Funds, ETFs, Fixed-Income, etc to trade/purchase in each account.


General Recommendations

Enhanced strategies based on personal risk profile.

Employer Plan

No Review

Review of employer options

Tax Strategy

Overview of General Tax Strategies

Specific Recommendations for where to purchase which assets

* Why can't we provide an exact quote?

Each portfolio is highly unique. Your work history, amounts saved, accounts owned and investment choices are all particular to you.  In addition, your risk profile, tolerance and financial needs and goals are personal. Therefore, we cannot generalize the amount of time it takes to analyize your information and deliver a personal plan for your success. Before we start any work in our process, together we define the planning project scope and cost so you know exactly what it will cost and what you will receive.

Hourly Investment Advice

You may have a specific question or concern and we’re happy to engage on an hourly basis to help. Any of our services can be contracted for $225 / hour. Contact Us for more information.