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SERVICES: Financial Planning + Wealth Management

It only counts if you actually make changes


Financial Planning + Wealth Management

Working together is the best way to ensure that you not only get smart, customized advice but follow through with making necessary changes to reach your life goals. I create a living financial plan with organized tasks, recommendations and educational information to guide you on the path to success. Together we create the future you desire.

Wealth Management is included as part of this service. I will implement our agreed-upon investment portfolio, monitor performance and rebalance as necessary.

Financial Planning + Wealth Management
Regular Meetings 3x / year (typically 5-6 during the first year)
Ad-Hoc Meetings whenever you want to check in
Email and Phone Support throughout the year
Monthly Accountability Partner: I monitor your financial plan, your net worth, savings goals, tax planning opportunities and more, to ensure that you stay on track throughout the year.
Task List + Financial Plan Portal: I keep track, so you don't have to.
Financial Planning Topics
Cash Flow, Budgeting and Savings Life Planning and Goal Setting
Insurance Review (Life, Health, Umbrella, Home and Auto) Estate Planning
Education & College Planning Tax Savings Strategies
Retirement Planning  Whatever else is important to you
Initial Asset Allocation Design
Investment Selection
Rebalancing Recommendations
Portfolio Management + Investment Trading

Investment In Your Future: How much does it cost?

We agree to a flat, annual fee at the beginning of our work together, and you pay it either monthly (out of cash flow) or quarterly (out of your investment accounts). We review the fee every 12 months. At that review, we adjust it if your financial circumstances have changed. If you grow your wealth significantly—through an IPO, for example—then your fee will increase in step with your increased wealth and complexity. 


The annual fee is very simple: $6,000 + $1,200 for every $1m in Net Worth.

* Net Worth includes everything you own (homes, investments, 401k accounts, etc) minus everything that you owe (mortgage, student loans, etc)


  1. It is the most transparent way of quoting the fee. You know exactly how many dollars you’ll be spending to work with me.
  2. I believe flat fees reduce conflicts of interest.
  3. A predictable fee fits more easily into your regular cash flow.
  4. Of all the ways to pay for financial advice, I believe flat-fee is the most fair.

Not ready for a year-round planning support and wealth management?

Try My Hourly Planning Instead