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SERVICES: Financial Planning

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Financial Planning

We offer two packages to start your Financial Planning process: Real-Time Planning and Full-Service Financial Planning. Both of these prepare you for a full picture of your current financial situation and how the future may unfold. We explore topics such as Cash Flow Management, Debt Management, College Savings, Financial Goals, Insurance, Investments, Retirement and Tax Planning.  Of course we focus on areas that are critical to you. Real-Time Planning provides a great base for those individuals and families just starting out. Full-Service Financial Planning provides a more comprehensive view of all the relevant topics and future planning.

What is Real-Time Planning?

We take the time together to review your financial situation: get your immediate questions answered, create initial action items and make notes on where we need to do more work. The outcome from this meeting is a detailed list of any immediate action steps, and a one-page list of financial topics that we discussed. We make notes of any additional work that we decide may need to be taken together.

This is a very impactful process. By taking the minimum amount of time to review your situation, we can address the most important concerns and topics quickly. We immediately get started on the correct path for the future. It also sets the stage for any future work that we should be tackling. It’s a fantastic value to take initial steps on a successful future.

What’s Included?

Real-Time Planning


Full-Service Financial Planning

$1,750 + *


Planning meeting to review your current financial situation together

Detailed review of all areas of your financial life. An initial meeting for review, email/phone followup, and a final presentation meeting.


Generally on track

Detailed exploration of each budget category


Overview and analysis of current debts

Review of each account and debt management strategies (pay-down strategies)

Tax Management

Review of tax related items

Drill-down into each potential tax-saving strategy

Emergency Fund

Review of your emergency fund needs


Assessment of current insurance

Analysis of each type of insurance to ensure it is the best fit


Review of any education goals

Detailed planning for cost of education


Initial planning and review of retirement goals

A detailed look into your current savings and goals for retirement.  Includes future projections.


Quick review of investment assets (see Portfolio Analysis for more)

Estate Planning

Review of any necessary estate planning goals

* Why can't we provide an exact quote?

Each individual and family's situation is unique. From accounts owned, financial goals desired, debts owed, and family and life complexities - we create a financial plan based on you and tailored to your goals. Therefore, we spend the necessary time to provide you with the exact information you need to be successful. Before we start any work in our process, together we define the planning project scope and cost so you know exactly what it will cost and what you will receive.

Hourly Financial Planning

You may have a specific question or concern and we’re happy to engage on an hourly basis to help. Any of our services can be contracted for $225 / hour. Contact Us for more information.