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Our Process

Our clients' well-being comes first. 

At Morton Financial Advice, we engage with our clients to set them on the correct path to reach their goals. We provide year-round support to ensure we stay on the right path.

Initial Contact

The first step is to introduce yourself! Don’t be shy - give me a call, drop me an email or schedule a call online. We'll have a friendly chat about financial planning. When we decide to have a first meeting (in person or virtually), I’ll ask for some basic financial information to get us started on your initial concerns and make sure we take the first step on your successful life path.

First Meeting

This is where we get to know your situation and create some initial steps to address any immediate concerns or questions. We also start crafting your unique life goals and how we’ll tackle those given your financial situation. It’s exciting to start bringing some organization to your financial life.

Personalized Action Items

You will receive a list of tasks on which to take immediate action. We will have reviewed the critical areas of finance that apply to your life and make sure we have a plan to address those.  You'll have a bit of homework to keep things moving forward.

Follow-up Meetings

Based on our initial meeting, we will have some follow up items. These will include email, phone calls and potentially more get togethers. Each time you will receive specific follow-up action items to keep us on course for creating your successful future.

Get on Path: Create and Execute Planning Items

At all times, you will have supporting documentation that lets you know where you are and where you’re going, what actions we’ve taken and why. All of this provides support to make sure you stay connected with the big picture.

On-Going Support

A critical component of this whole process is that we are on your team: to support you on your life journey. We are available to help during all financial decisions as your life unfolds. We also want to check in often to ensure that we stay on course.