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Healthy Spending: Avoid Advertising

Healthy Spending: Avoid Advertising

The average American is bombarded with advertisements throughout the day. Companies spend money on these ads because they work! To align your spending with what truly brings you happiness: make sure to avoid and understand advertising so that you don’t end up with too many things cluttering your home.

First, avoid as much advertising as possible. Use ad blockers, skip commercials, call your credit card company to stop mailings, and unsubscribe from newsletters. This will help reduce the number of ads you see each day.

Second, understand when you are being advertised and build awareness at the moment. The more you recognize an ad and interact with it, the more likely you are to avoid its traps. Advertisers know that you aren’t paying much attention – and so they prey on your subconscious and feelings. Be alert and interact with the ad in front of you and its power will quickly fade.

Is that great a product if you have to advertise it?

Megan Rusell of Marotta on Money joins me once again!

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