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Raising Smart Kids

Real Advice for Real People

Each week I explore topics that effect your future. Taking the mystery out of finance.

Featured Episodes

Kids and Money (Part 2)

Being prepared for the inevitable conversation about money with your kids will help you navigate this important life lesson with your children.

They can make you want to rollover

Unravel the complexities of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), including rollover, Roth, traditional, and backdoor. Gain valuable insights into consolidating accounts, leveraging employer benefits, and maximizing tax advantages to significantly...

How to Invest in the Current Market Environment

Is the current market environment a suitable area to invest in? Make sure you have your investing timeline sorted out before investing!

Recent Episodes

Financial Planning for the Great Resignation

Masterclass: ETF vs. Mutual Funds

Want to know all the differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds? You’re in the right place as we discuss all the nuances and which is better for you.

One Thing

Making small changes in your life can lead to large improvements personally, professionally and financially.

5-Minute Savings for Kids

Many parents want to set their kids up for success and support them on their life journey. With the memory of establishing 529’s at the forefront, the thought of...

Three Account Types and Why You Need to Know About Them

Unlock the secrets to optimizing your finances by understanding the fundamental account types – taxable, tax deferred, and tax free. Learn how taxable accounts, like checking and savings, can...

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