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Raising Smart Kids

Real Advice for Real People

Each week I explore topics that effect your future. Taking the mystery out of finance.

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Investing: Active Vs. Passive

Tax Strategies when donating 100% of your Income to Charity

Ep 6: My company just went through an IPO. Now what!?

Recent Episodes

Ep 9: How to use your HSA as a Retirement Account

Ep 13: Should you invest in individual stocks?

Don’t Panic: Overcoming Financial Avoidance

If you’ve ever logged onto your bank account or checked the receipt from your ATM withdrawal and felt that sick feeling that comes with panic and/or shame, then this podcast is for you

Wars and Investing

Public stock funds concentrated in Russian assets went to zero. Even if you didn’t have money in those funds, you should pay attention to the lessons.

8 Tips to Pay Less Tax Continued

How to Hire a Financial Advisor

Discover the vital ABCs of hiring a financial advisor with Matt Robison and Mike Morton this week, delving into the three F’s: Fee-Only, Fiduciary, and CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), ensuring you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls when seeking professional financial advice.