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Money and Investing

Real Advice for Real People

Each week I explore topics that effect your future. Taking the mystery out of finance.

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Ep 3: Health Savings Account (HSA) – What is it and how to use it?

How to use your HSA as a Retirement Account

Save Money With Smart Year-End Tax Planning

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Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness applications are said to be forthcoming in the next month. Do you qualify?

How you should think about Risk

The Value of a Financial Advisor

Answers to common finance related questions can be found anywhere. The value of a financial planner resides in their ability to ask the right questions.

529 Masterclass: Three strategies to maximize the benefits of education savings plans

Master the art of 529 Education Savings Plans with three advanced strategies! Discover how to open 529 accounts without children, utilize Dynasty Trusts for long-term wealth, and use 529s...

Ep 12: How to invest extra cash into the Stock Market

What is Your Plan for a Bear Market?

It’s important to think ahead and have a plan for when the stock market takes a turn for the worst. What will you do?