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Advanced Tax Strategies

Real Advice for Real People

Each week I explore topics that effect your future. Taking the mystery out of finance.

Featured Episodes

Don’t Panic: Overcoming Financial Avoidance

If you’ve ever logged onto your bank account or checked the receipt from your ATM withdrawal and felt that sick feeling that comes with panic and/or shame, then this podcast is for you

The Lesson I Learned in March 2020

8 Tips to Maximize Tax Savings

Recent Episodes

Year End Review: What you did well and what to improve?

Explore the keys to financial success in our year-end review podcast, where we delve into introspection, assessing successes, identifying areas for improvement, and emphasizing the power of consistency to achieve prosperity in 2024.

Good to the Last Drop

There are many ways to reduce spending. Get the most value from the things you already own instead of buying something new.

Ep 14: How to turn $3,000 into $50,000,000!

Kids and Money

Being prepared for the inevitable conversation will help you navigate this important life lesson with your children.

529 Masterclass: Three strategies to maximize the benefits of education savings plans

Master the art of 529 Education Savings Plans with three advanced strategies! Discover how to open 529 accounts without children, utilize Dynasty Trusts for long-term wealth, and use 529s to fund your Roth IRA. Secure your family’s financial future and supercharge your retirement savings with…

Clean Back Door Roth IRA

If you are over the income limit for contributing to a Roth IRA, use this podcast to learn how you can still take advantage of this tax-free account for your portfolio.