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Advanced Tax Strategies

Real Advice for Real People

Each week I explore topics that effect your future. Taking the mystery out of finance.

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Invest Early and Wisely

Young adults have the advantage of time in investing. Get them invested early to maximize payouts decades down the road when they are ready to retire.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness applications are said to be forthcoming in the next month. Do you qualify?

Not Your Father’s Personality Test

Delve into the groundbreaking Sparketypes tool—an innovative addition to personality assessments by Jonathan Fields, designed to uncover your unique source code for fulfilling work, steering away from traditional surveys...

Recent Episodes

Are you Investing or Speculating?

Official Bear Market: What To Do

With stocks dropping 22%, we’re officially in a bear market. You still need a plan of where to go from here.

Masterclass: ETF vs. Mutual Funds

Want to know all the differences between ETFs and Mutual Funds? You’re in the right place as we discuss all the nuances and which is better for you.

Asset Location

Asset location refers to where investments are held, such as 401ks, IRAs, or brokerage accounts, with a focus on optimizing tax savings, particularly by placing bonds in tax-free or...

Attention: Don’t Make Your Family Compete With Your Phone

Do you feel like you’re starting to forget vital moments in your life? Think about why…The answer may be as simple as your phone.

BONUS: Stock Market Bubbles