Sammy’s Big Dream

I opened my mail the other day to find a couple of copies of Sammy’s Big Dream. My kids immediately grabbed the copies and started reading them and doing the activities. I was amazed.

Sammy has a big dream, but to make it a reality, he needs to save his money. Will he be able to save enough in time? Find out in the story. My kids really enjoyed the story and the lesson of saving money. They also jumped right in and completed many of the included activities which are highly engaging.

This book does a fantastic job teaching saving principles to kids. It’s a simple story that they can relate to. And the activities reinforce the message. Two thumbs up!

You can find out a lot more about this book on the Sammy Rabbit website. 

These books were provided to me by the Garrett Planning Network, where I’m a member.

Book Review: The E-Myth Revisited

I recently finished reading the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.  This book is unbelievably great at breaking down the roles and responsibilities when starting a small business.  But the best part is how to think about your business from the start, what you need to do, and how those pieces relate to each other.  It gives a framework for any young business and how to grow to be successful.

This book is best for those thinking about starting a small business, or those just starting out.  Or those struggling to grow to the next level of business.  I like the “franchise model” it uses for how to think about your business.  Essentially your small start-up business should be grown and run as if you’re the first of a number of franchises.  How will you turn it over to someone else so they can run and operate your business just as successfully as you do.  That’s the difference between a business and being self-employed: when you can step away and the company can still go.

This book is going on to my shelf for a re-read each year.