Why is this important?

  • Feel CONFIDENT about your financial future.
  • Decision fatigue on two levels:
  1. Consistently remembering to save.
  2. Deciding what to purchase or what to do.
  • Make the decision once!
  • Future flexibility!

What should you do?

  • Decide how much to start with.
  • Set up automatic transfers.
  • Invest: You can do this every 3 or 6 months, or even once a year!

00:00 Matt: Welcome to the increasingly poorly named real financial planning on WKXL, available wherever get your podcasts. I'm Matt Robison joined as always by Mike Morton of Morton Financial Advice and the host of financial planning for entrepreneurs. Why do we say that this segment on WK XL, radio podcast is so poorly named because it doesn't actually describe what you're going to get in this show. Mike and I do talk about financial planning after all he is a financial planner, but it really is within a broader of all kinds of topics about how you manage your day to day. It's interesting, as we get feedback and listener questions and talk to our listeners and clients, what they say is, hey, I like the financial planning parts this, but I like the context too, because we're all just trying to live our lives, make everything work, it together. And. We're kind of covering all of that, so let's just call this the TBD. Remember under arrested development when they couldn't figure out what fake charity they wanted to raise money for. So they said they were going to raise money for TBD. They never took that off banner. And then it turned out that people thought that was some dread disease. So they're like, yeah, I'm happy to give money TBD welcome to TBD, Mike.

01:14 Mike: Thanks. Thanks for having me, Matt TBD on WK XL. That's awesome. The name of of company is sticking to financial advice. So I got one thing going me.

01:23 Matt: Why don't you change your name?

01:25 Mike: I was just my name. Let's go.




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