Have you ever wanted simple, actionable financial advice that will make a difference in your life? This page contains such advice from a variety of financial advisers. Each adviser provides something unique that you can build from to create a successful financial future.

“Just Get Started”

Justin Green – Four Ponds Financial Planning

How often do you feel not ready yet, that you don’t have time or necessary knowledge? Maye you’ll get to it next week. And time goes by, and then another year goes by. The power of time is extremely important in investing and financial planning: the more you have, the greater position you are in. So, just get going! Start today with some education, some planning, some savings, some investing. Take tiny steps forward and soon you’ll find the momentum to succeed.

“Understand Your Investments”

Tom Fisher – Fisher Financial Strategies

However you decide to invest your money and what investment products and vehicles make sense for you and your family: make sure that you understand them! There are some many nuanced products out there and each one has a variety of details, fees, and disclaimers. Make sure you do some research and understand what you are getting involved in, what the expectations are and why it makes sense for you.

“Take Prudent Risks”

David McPherson – Four Ponds Financial Planning

We all need to take some risks in life, not just in our financial lives. When you embark on an adventure, whether out on the trails or buying an investment product, make sure that you understand the risks involved. Are you willing to lose some money? How much money? What are the potential downsides and expected upsides to your strategy and individual investments? To get where we want to go, we need to take risks: just make sure they are prudent for you.

“Spend less than you make”

Chuck Levin – Levin Financial Planning

You won’t get far in your financial life if you can’t manage to spend less money than you bring home. If you run a deficit at home, you can’t just issue more money like the government! In order to get anywhere, you have to first save some money. Only then can you enter the wonderful world of investments, strategies and building a financial future.


“It’s all in the Doing.”

Mike Morton – Morton Financial Advice

Having a financial plan is all well and good, but it doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t actually do something! You have to put the knowledge into motion to create power. Take your plan, and start putting it into action.

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