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Financial Planning
for Busy Parents

Get Organized

Protect your Family

Grow Your Wealth

You’re overwhelmed with your career, family and finances - struggling to keep it all organized.

It’s safe to say your life is busy and your finances are complex. You want to feel more confident in your financial future.

As a working professional, setting yourself up for financial success is a priority. Decisions surrounding stock options, estate planning, investments, insurance, and more are part of your everyday conversations. The only problem: finding time to make the right financial decisions.

Why choose Morton Financial Advice?

Not all financial advisors are created equal.


If you had all of my knowledge and experience, what decisions would you make? I am legally obligated to give you great advice.

Transparent Fees

I am only paid by my clients, so who do you think I work for? You can find fees on our services page so there are no surprises.


Only 25% of U.S. financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.*

* Source:,

I am Mike, CFP®

After founding two tech start-ups and then spending time as a full-time dad, I decided to launch my own fee-only advisory firm.

I am passionate about using my knowledge and skills to help others be successful on their life journey. I am here to provide you with advice that makes a difference, not just babysit your money.

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