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It’s time to organize your financial success.

Whether you’re a listener or a reader, I make finance a language you can understand.

You’re overwhelmed with your career, family and finances - struggling to keep it all organized.

It’s safe to say your life is busy and your finances are complex. You want to feel more confident in your financial future.

As a professional in tech, setting yourself up for financial success is a priority. Decisions surrounding stock options, equity compensations, navigating an IPO, employee benefits, and more are part of your everyday conversations. The only problem – finding the time make the right financial decisions.

Depending on where you are in your life, I can help you:

I am Mike, CFP®

After founding two tech start-ups and being a full-time parent, I learned the ins and outs of investing, portfolio theory, and all that makes up the finance industry.

I uncovered my passion for working with people while using my skills to help others be successful on their life journey. I am here to provide you with advice that make a difference, not just babysit your money.

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This week’s podcast is the final installment of the series with Megan Russell from Marotta Wealth Management regarding healthy spending. We began the series by identifying a core values budgeting strategy. Then we moved on to avoiding advertising in
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Technology is great. There are so many things people can do for themselves now that weren’t possible in the past. For instance, setting up an investment portfolio used to require a broker. The real-time ticker for stock prices was
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One of our most valuable assets is our time. How do you decide your allotments? If you find an empty space on your calendar, is your automatic response to fill it? I’ve spoken to a couple of clients recently
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